Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Best of Budapest #2

If you have been around for a while you would have seen that Mr Wind and I headed to Budapest for his 30th Birthday adventure. To find out a little more and to see where we stayed then click HERE right there. 

We were in Budapest for 4 days and 3 nights and I think that, that amount of time was PERFECT and we fitted so much in during that time and even had some time for relaxing, so to find out what we did and what we got up to keep those eyes on this post and keep reading. 

D A Y   1 


Manchester to Munich
Munich to Budapest
Bus to Train Station
Train to Hotel.

We spent sometime unpacking, exploring the hotel and having a quick snooze

After that we set out to go and find our bearings. We wandered around the streets, over one of the bridges to the Buda side, we walked down and back over another bridge to the Pest side and then we searched for food. 

We spent hours wandering and taking pictures there is something about cities at night that I love. 

 D A Y   2 
I woke up early so set out on an adventure to find breakfast. The sun was shining and I found myself in the Great Market Hall where I picked up some yummy food for breakfast.

Then we walked for miles. Now I mean miles. 27,000 steps and over 10 miles covered to be exact. 

We walked along the Danube to the 'Shoes on the Bank' which is such a beautiful and amazing tribute. 

From there we kept walking to see Parliament, that building, so good!

We wandered through the town to one of the bridges and over to Buda Castle. 

We walked up the hill to see the incredible views of Budapest. The castle is so amazing and so beautiful. You can either walk up or get a little tram up the hill. When we reached the top we caught our breathe and found a little spot in a courtyard and had some lunch.

The whole time we were sat eating our sandwiches we could smell the most amazing cake/waffle smell and after following our nose we found these. 

Now I am not sure if they are Funnel Cakes or Chimney Cakes but what ever they are, they are INCREDIBLE. 

From there we head back down the hill exploring the grounds of the castle. 

We wandered through the streets to the steps that set up on the journey to the Citadella. Now just a warning. It is one hell of a walk, you can choose path or steps we did a bit of both. It is quite a walk with lots of seats (which we took advantage of) but it is so worth it. 

Have you seen that view! Soo good. 

We spent ages sat at the top of the hill, taking pictures and lets be honest PEOPLE WATCHING.

Back down the hill to the hotel where we collapsed in a heap, snoozed and had a little swim.

That night we found a place to eat and wandered around the city.

D A Y   3

We woke up so sleepy so spent sometimes watching Netflix, editing photos and eating food. Around 11am we headed to a thermal bath.

We chose this bath off the recommendation of a friend who had visited the city for New Year. We chose this Bath as it was a lot quieter and closer than any of the others.

We spent all day in the Baths and seriously I have no idea how I got back to the hotel as I was so relaxed, I think I might have floated there. The baths are beautiful and have so much history and culture. Coming up in the next post I will give you some tips and tricks for surviving Budapest and I will talk more about the baths.


Like I said, we spent so much time in the baths that by the time we got back to the hotel and relaxed it was Tea time and after a walk around and a drink in a bar we were ready for bed.

D A Y   4

Today we had to check out, we woke early, got packed and stored out luggage at the hotel.
From there we searching for food.


We had no plans today so we made the TREK of a walk to Heroes Square which is quite spectacular and is surrounded by museums, baths and so much more. It was so nice to explore.

I had heard about this restaurant/café and new that I had to go. We spent so much time in the cute café which from the front was a tiny building but it just kept going. This place, a girls dream, definitely a place to explore and The Sweet next door.

After we had been here it was time to get back to the hotel and get to the airport.

City Centre to Airport
Budapest to Frankfurt
Frankfurt to Manchester
Manchester to Home.

 So there we have it, a whistle stop tour of our 4 days in Budapest. Coming up in our next post is Tips and Tricks to surviving this city.
Love Leeny

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