Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Best of Budapest #1

Hello and Welcome to Leeny Loves and to a little mini series all about our Budapest Adventure. 

So the wonderful Mr Wind turned 30 at the end of February so we decided that we wanted to celebrate by going on an adventure. We had been looking and trying to book something since Christmas but we just didn’t find the best deal.

Andrew has been to a lot of the typical European cities so he wanted to go somewhere different and somewhere he hadn’t been before. This made the search even harder.

After many arguments and missed deals we finally stumbled across a steal of a deal in Budapest on

The deal was 4 days, 3 nights staying at the Mecure Korona Hotel in the city centre for the both of us at the amazing price of £430. The only catch was that the flights were not direct. We had to change planes there and back but it was so straight forward and only really added 45 minutes to an hour to our overall travel time.

So once we booked it, it was then the task of finding out what the heck was there to do in Budapest so naturally I headed to the place for all knowledge, YouTube. There were so many vlogs and well, it made me fall in love with the city so much. The very beautiful Amelia Liana has done two vlogs on Budapest and a blog post and they were so helpful and helped us plan our trip.

Let me tell you a little more about Budapest. Now what surprised me the most was that it is actually the Hill of Buda and the Plains of Pest which are separated by the River Danube and then connected with all of the fancy bridges and seriously they are fancy. Budapest its super famous for its thermal baths and having been I can tell why. 


W H E R E   W E   S T A Y E D / M E C U R E   K O R O N A

Now lets start by saying I was a tad unsure about this hotel, as well, the truth is the reviews on TripAdvisor are the WORST. 

When you arrive you are met with a super glam walkway and revolving doors. In the large entrance foyer there was loads of people on the desk ready to help. Now I can see why some people said the staff were rude but I don't think they meant to I think it is just language barrier and for the rest of the week they could not be more helpful.

The large reception area to the hotel had a bar, a shop and a little internet corner. You walked through the  reception to the lifts and they took you to your floor.

The hotel is split over two buildings which are on different sides of the street, they are connected with a walk way. In the walk way is a restaurant which was so cool to sit in and look out over Budapest.

Over the bridge in the other building was a swimming pool which I loved, now I am not going to lie, it was a strange one but it was cool. Men and Women had separate changing rooms and you access these using your card from you room. You got changed in there and then walked through a door to the pool and sauna, now it was tiny but it was perfect for what it needed to be plus Budapest is famous for its thermal baths so you don't really need that pool if you go and explore them.

Now the rooms, they were small and compact but they were clean and well looked after. The bathroom was large and every room came with a desk, tv, mini bar and a large wardrobe. The rooms were fine but one thing I did think was strange was that the rest of the hotel felt quite modern but the rooms weren't. But we were fine with that because lets be honest, what we paid for the hotel was nothing.

When we arrived the hotel gave us a FREE voucher for 500 Forints off a drink which I thought was super kind. The hotel also let us store our luggage on the last day after we checked out for free.

All in all I would give the hotel a 4/5. It could do with some work but lets face it on a city break you hardly spend any time there and it was more that perfect for that.

Coming up in Part 2 of The Best of Budapest I tell you a little more about how we spent out time and what we did.

Have yourself a super Saturday.

 Love Leeny


  1. Ah this is great! I've wanted to go to Budapest for so long now. Hope you guys had an amazing time - can't wait to see Part II xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. BUDAPEST was incredible! :)
      I have been working on that one today! :) x